24-7/0 (Twenty-Four-Seven divided by Zero) is a reverse anamorphic artwork that was commissioned by the kind people at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image at Federation Square in Melbourne to be part of the Screen Worlds exhibition.  Using image mapping, the work is part digital projection, part sculpture, part optical artwork.  The content shows an animated progression of the twenty four hours as time moves through a fictitious Greek/Roman ruin.  The effect of the work is that it seems to move uncannily with you as you approach it, and it seems to represent impossible depths - a flat image that reveals real world perspectives.  The images below, and the movie below illustrate the principle.  The title, twenty four seven divided by zero is a paradox, and the place where we all sit - right at the zero, moving through the twenty four hours. This situation ruins the binary Aristotelian and Albertian principles of logic, perspective, statis, the role of the observer and the assumptions of the forward progression of time.  It's one of my favorites.  

I have been contacted by numerous people about this work, and I am indeed happy to work with you on your proposed billboard/outdoor ad/installation, etc.  Contact me here.