The Place Where You ARE is an artwork that addresses a fundamental frustration in anamorphic art - art where you have to "be" in the "sweet spot" for the illusion of 3 dimensions to resolve.  A lot of my "public" artwork has examined anamorphic art because formally it bridges the divide between inside and outside, between work and viewer, and between place and person.  These are the most basic themes an artist, or anyone for that matter, can "take up".  In previous work (Stand Here, Shark Soup, Stare/Stare, 24/0) I have used anamorphisis as a material analogue to examine this questionable boundary between me in here, and everything else "out there".  In this work, the material metaphor is pushed as far as it can go.  What is produced is a person-specific illusion, in real time, where the "anamorphic sweet spot" shifts as the person moves, and the user can traverse the image they are examining by walking, and is provided a dimensionally correct, vivid, glasses free sense of "floating space".  Unlike the solutions proposed by VIVE and MagicLeap or Hololens to the question of digital integration with the real, this work allows for a less invasive, more respectful stroll into the dream world of pixels.

Technically, the work achieves its result using software I wrote that re-maps a virtual camera's perspective matrix in a manner not dissimilar to the way an eye resolves space.

All the work on this page shows working proof of concept of the technique, and does not reflect the content of the final work.  If you are interested in exhibiting or licensing this work, or this technique for your own content, then please contact me.