Stand Here was a dual projector digital artwork that was commissioned to be part of the landmark ACMI show Eyes, Lies, Illusions.  From most vantage points, the artwork appeared as an insensible smear across the corner and stairwell of the Large Gallery at ACMI - representing light of some sort, but it was indecipherable.  Only from a specific vantage point did the work "form itself" in the eye.  The title comes from the relationship between the eye, the person and the work.  Anamorphic art allows us to examine these usually tacit relationships between person and (usually valuable) thing.  Broadly, Stand Here suggests that the eye that sees is far more involved in the construction of meaning, form and person than we habitually assume.  It's good to take that triad apart from time to time to understand that our eye does not dwell "nowhere" and that we are intimately implied in everything nominally assigned to be "out there".  The animated content played with related ideas of perspective and its arbitrary construction, illusions, carnivals and magic lantern shows.