Slow Churn is a standalone generative digital standalone application that uses high res real world scans, on top of a realtime shader that produces a very slow, ever, changing artwork.  Inspired by the afterimage tricks that our eyes play on us when we stop a process, like riding a bike, or gazing at a waterfall, the landscape seems to flow, but not "get anywhere".  In such a way, Slow Churn makes appears as if you are zooming forever into a highly detailed, ecologically consistent (wet patches appear, moss grows, dry rocks form, etc) image that "shouldn't", but does.  So many of our engagements with screens and technology demand a furious pace of viewing.  The joy of this work is that it is uncanny in the most pleasant way, like a dream, or a contented out-breath.

Chris Barker, Slow Churn, 2016, Various States.

Chris Barker, Slow Churn, Screen Capture