Shark Soup is a collaboration with artist Joe Bryant who was undertaking his honors project at QUT.  The work was commissioned for the opening of the new Digital Art Space at the Beijing Museum for Contemporary Arts for International Digital Arts Projects (IDAP), curated by Lubi Thomas.  This installation was uses sound, proximity and anamorphic projection mapping to create the illusion that the wall of the gallery is birthing a tank filled with a live shark.  Sound bells lure the audience to a specific spot, where the animation is activated.  After the sequence finishes, a sound bell on the other side of the gallery sounds, and as the user walks across the room, the space lights up with a panoply of smaller tanks, filled with smaller sea creatures.  The process then repeats, this time using reverse anamorphosis in the opposite direction.  Live anamorphic projection like this is deeply compelling and provides for a "I can't believe what I am seeing" illusion.