MAGIWEB is an experiment in a way to integrate a insta-like gallery into the deep pedagogy of tertiary portfolio style teaching in the Masters of Animation, Games and Interactivity.  By creating a simple set of tools and easy posting interface, the MAGI website allows for simple archiving of day to day student activity in the course.  By structuring postings across production and academic categories, each student grows a branched portfolio of work that follows them through their progression in the degree.  Throughout their degree, students can "mine" their history, reflect, and examine their work according to a practice led methodology.  This website makes it easier to engage with their own practice, the wider field, and issues of dissemination and professional practice upon their exit.  To be clear, the Magiweb was directed by me, with help from Magi staff, Kate Cawley, Matthew Riley, Jeremy Parker and produced by the very very talented Max Piantoni,

Magiweb.  Here.