Flocking cows is the second collaboration with Artist Gina Moore, who I have known since we worked together (briefly) at Animagrafx in Melbourne.  I had the pleasure of supervising Gina's PhD dissertation at RMIT, and we share a lot of the same concerns and questions regarding digital worker's relationship to tools and technologies.  Flocking cows was the second VR collaboration we have done, examining motion capture, flocking algorithms, person and space in VR.  Since it's very hard to share the VR experience, here are some development works, on the way.  I was interested in writing toon and screenspace shaders that disrupted the sense of space, creating floating islands of colors (in a kind of VR James Turrell experiment.). On that - take a look at the work of another one of my PhD student's work - Brendan Harwood - who is doing fun stuff with paint, color, projection mapping and the inevitable return to the things themselves.