Yalinguth (meaning “yesterday” in Woi Wurrung) is a mobile app/ audio augmented reality experience that connects people to place and history through geo-located soundscapes and stories told by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. In keeping with oral traditions, and to minimise screens, Yalinguth is expressed entirely through sound. The overall premise of Yalinguth is guided by the words of the Elders that “we need to go back, to go forwards”. Yalinguth aims to connect students, tourists, and the local community with important firsthand historical accounts, increasing people’s knowledge of the Aboriginal history of Victoria. The purpose is to increase empathy, respect, community connection, and to celebrate the Elders who paved the way for Aboriginal Rights in Victoria and Australia. With this, the project aims to contribute to the processes of truth telling, healing and reconciliation.

Aunty Rieo Ellis and Bobby Nicholls testing the Yalinguth app