This was a wonderful collaboration with Dr Liz Thompson (Tigereye Productions), Huachumero Simon Green, with narration from Roy Ashley from the Gandjalala Cultural Mapping Program with the Wägilak community in northeast Arnhem Land.  During this journey, which involved travelling along the Ancestral Dreaming Track of Gandjalala the Sugar Bag Hunter, important sites and locations were GPS tagged and the stories and songs that belong there were shared and recorded. Young people involved participated and learnt. Roy Wuynumbi Ashley, the senior custodian for this story wanted to undertake this journey to ensure particular knowledge he holds was transferred to his son Daniel on the Country to which it belongs. 360 degree immersive footage and surround sound was also produced. Trainee camera operators from the Aboriginal Resource Development Services (ARDS) were mentored during the production process. The aim was to produce a navigable map that contained cultural stories from the Wägilak, which were captured using 360 video.  Another project that was ahead of its time.  This project, which sought funding from the ABC's Digital Fund ultimately became a very similar project, spearheaded by Liz Thompson of the Sharing Stories Foundation.