Accessible was a software suite that was commissioned by RMIT Learning and Teaching Unit. This was a very challenging and wonderful site for experimentation and innovation in the field of augmented learning.  Well before its time!  The application was given to students who were enrolled in RMIT courses and contained a browsable library of their assigned texts. As well as being a repository of digital storage, it also featured augmented text, animation and motion graphic supported learning, a design interface, teaching data backend on views, interactivity, time spent on pages, realtime highlighting, masks, animated text, annotated videos, gamified user-progression and other features.  The programming was done by the very talented Masters of Animation Games and Interactivity alumni Simon Braunstien of Catlard Studios.  Design direction and UI by Miridhani Riani Ningrum Tamba. Education Design and development by Karis Sims.  Angel support by James McCulloch. The Accessible software was unique in that it showed a way forward to allow teachers to create and students to access high end animated material without a enormous technical barrier to entry.