3D to 3G

3D to 3G was a seed funded project for the creation of a demonstrator software service that used emergent geodata in phones, 3d maps technology, and high level html to provide a client based video editing and digital storytelling service that was used with either digital cameras or mobile phones.  It was way ahead of its time!  It demonstrated web 3d, online video editing, social networking functions, archiving, search, and many other things.  Take a look at that funky 2007-style video explainer!  Collaborators:  Laz Kastansis, Jillian Hamilton.  

Paper here:  Barker, Christopher I., Hamilton, Jillian G., & Kastanis, Lazaros (2008) OurPlace - 3G to 3D : integrating 3G mobile media content into an online 3D geographical environment to produce communities of place. In Wylde, Theodore, Kenderdine, Sarah, & Docherty, Michael (Eds.) 13th International Conference Virtual Systems and Multimedia, 23-26 September 2007, Brisbane